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DUI (Driving Under the Influence) arrests are bailable offences if you take the right steps using a legal procedure. Instead of racing millions of thoughts, you should start putting yourself together and make wise decisions. You can walk out of this terrifying situation with tailored and experienced legal assistance. A wrong move by any amateur can worsen the situation. You need to plan your bail with a reliable lawyer while complying with the orders of the officers. Here is a 3-step guide you can follow to get out of the situation.

Step1: Hire The Best Lawyer To Help

Just like you consult a doctor for any mild discomfort in your health, you need to consult a lawyer right after your DUI arrest. Bails are effective only if you and your hired legal help abide by the law. Lawyers would not only forward your bail plea to the court but may also negotiate for the bail amount. If there are no varying circumstances, you will get your bail plea processed within 3-10 hours. Always follow the advice of a good lawyer to defend yourself or your associates in court.

Step 2: Stay Silent And Follow The Instructions

Arguing with the officers, shouting that you are not guilty and threatening them with your power and influence in the city are not helpful moves. You have the right to stay silent and let your lawyer deal with the situation. Exercise this right and comply with the officers until your lawyer completes the paperwork. Do not do anything or speak foul about that system since these things can jeopardize the case. Fight the DUI charges on you through a legal system rather than inviting more trouble with wrong moves.

Step 3: Settle The Bail Bond

Your layer will take care of the plea and the documentation related to the same. This part is the most crucial one, and your lawyer’s expertise will help your cause. Once the plea is filed in court, you can settle the penalties and walk out of the charges.

DUI arrests are not pleasant, and you must try not to get stuck in such situations. If you do not have any influential contacts, you can turn to online platforms for help. There are many legal firms offering assistance and services of experienced and certified lawyers in specific divisions. You can register on any of your preferred platforms to hire professional help. After all, hiring the best DUI lawyer is an imminent need in such gripping situations.


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