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Despite you thinking you have no chance of winning your DUI case, never toss in the towel and just accept your fate or the judge will certainly make sure to make an example out of you. Your DUI attorney understands the complexities of these laws and knows that only one small discrepancy with the case could result it is being lessened or tossed. Your DUI attorney can look back on similar cases they won and use that experience to help get you a more favorable result. Here are a few of the ways a local dui lawyer virginia beach va will get you the best possible outcome.

Putting DUI Equipment to the Test

Many people who have been arrested for DUI simply accept their fate based on the testing results from the arresting officer. Your DUI attorney understands that mistakes are made all the time in the testing process and with equipment, and their job is to bring any of those issues to light to help lessen your penalties. While you may be focused on the number that a certain piece of equipment provided, your DUI lawyer is looking at the malfunctions and false readings that were documents over the years in an effort to cast doubt or poke holes in the prosecution case.

Bargaining to Get a Lesser Sentence

Most people who are arrested under suspicion of DUI will take their medicine because they feel they made a mistake and want to put his incident in the rearview mirror. With the help of a local DUI attorney, those punishments don’t have to be as severe because you will get what other drivers got who worked with a lawyer. Your attorney has many years of experience in the courtroom and will use their experience to plea bargain on your behalf to get a lower sentence. In many cases, the charges can be dropped to reckless, which is far less severe and will allow you to use your license to get to work.

Winning the Battle in Court

The arresting officer in your DUI case may have evidence from the day of your arrest showing your were drinking and driving, but they are not experts when it comes to presenting evidence to the courts. The officer simply does the same thing on every DUI arrest, utilize the testing skills and equipment afforded to them. The only thing your attorney has to do in court is to utilize their courtroom experience to poke a few holes in the prosecution’s case. If enough holes are made, the judge may lower the penalty of perhaps tossing the case out altogether.

When you are working with a DUI attorney, you are working with the entire law firm and their experience. This can be huge because your attorney understands that there is a good chance something could contradict the findings of the prosecution. And that is all it can take to discredit the officer and get you a favorable result.

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