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This section is entirely focused on discussing both the General and Special Power of Attorney which helps in exploring some of the most important facts regarding these two.

General Vs. Special Power Of Attorney

A POA or Power of Attorney is known to be a very important written authorization for acting on the behalf of another person in certain legal matters. The person who is involved in creating a Power of Attorney document is called the “principal” whereas the person who is authorized to act is known as the “agent”.

A Power of Attorney can be general which certainly gives the agent the authority for conducting any kind of business on behalf of the principal, or specific and also limited to the transactions that are expressly outlined in the particular document.

General Power of Attorney

A General Power of Attorney specifically gives your agent a particular authority for handling all your affairs during a time period when you are unable to do so. This applies at the time your mental and physical health is compromised or when you are traveling out of the country. This general POA can again be included as an important part of your real estate plan.

Special, Specific or Limited Power of Attorney

Your agent is generally given the authority to conduct a specific act or acts on your behalf with the help of a special, specific or limited power of attorney. It is very important to be clear about the powers that you wish to appoint to your agent as this type of Power of Attorney id considered to be limited to the act or acts designated in the document.


In this way, it is cleared from the above section that along with both the general and special power of attorney, you should possess enough knowledge regarding the medical power of attorney. You may download legal forms for free online at-

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