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The consequences that come with being arrest for DWI can be quite severe, and not only will you be financially impacted for years, you may not have the ability to earn anymore without a driver’s license. Although you might think that the prosecution has a solid case because of the evidence supplied by the arresting officer, your DWI attorney can poke small holes in that evidence easily to cast doubt on the claims and get you a favorable ruling. These are a few of the reasons to be working closely with a dwi attorney anoka mn.

Finding Issues with Your DWI Arrest

One of the reasons you need a skilled DWI attorney representing you is they see things often overlooked in these cases. While the arresting officer is focused on the test results, your DWI attorney is looking at the police dash camera video to see why the vehicle was pulled over in the first place. Your attorney is looking to see your rights were upheld at every step and to discover the reasoning behind why certain field tests were administered to you over others. It only takes a few issues for a judge to consider lowering the penalties or dismissing the case.

Questioning the Methods of Arrest

During your DWI arrest, the officer on the scene has a number of field tests they can administer to determine if you are drunk. Once they have reason to believe that you were drinking, they can use equipment to register your blood alcohol ratio and use that in court. Your DWI attorney will carefully analyze all that evidence and start looking for reasons as to why the officer chose certain field tests and ignored others, then focus on the dependability of the testing equipment and if the machines have a record of providing false readings.

Getting the Arresting Officer to Talk

If you take your chances in your DWI case and think you can get the officer to trip up at trial, you are in for a huge disappointment. The arresting officer does not have to answer your questions at trial, but your DWI attorney has a technique to get that officer to open up. When the officer is subpoenaed to the less formal license suspension hearing, that is when your attorney can direct questions to the officer. The answers will not impact the hearing, but they do open the door to a defense your lawyer can use later in the more serious trial to help get a better result.

Your DWI lawyer is not only drawing on the years they have been in this field, but the experiences of their entire law firm in an effort to get you the most favorable outcome. By negotiating on your behalf, your DWI attorney can try to either get the charges lessened to allow you to keep your license or to fight to get the charges dismissed and the case tossed out without you suffering any financial hardship.

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