By | 2018-01-09

When facing criminal charges, it is important to have a strong defense you can count on. After all, it is your future and your freedoms at stake. With a criminal defense lawyer who meet your needs, you never question their capabilities or practices. However, if you have doubts about your existing attorney and think you should hire a new one, you are probably right. Clients never question their attorneys when they are doing a good job meeting and exceeding their needs. But when doubt comes into play, you know it is not a good sign. There are some particular signs to look for when contemplating switching counsel. Continue reading to learn these reasons and determine of you need to make the switch yourself. The Pros and Cons of Hiring Again It is entirely your right to fire your existing lawyer and hire a new one. Your current lawyer should not have you under any sort of contract; however, you will still owe them for the services they have provided so far. Although you are permitted to making the switch, it is a drastic one that takes a lot of serious consideration. That is because there are some downsides; and you should be aware of them before making any changes. Switching defense attorneys will hold up your case, extending its proceedings even further. Not only will you have to put hearings and proceedings on hold, you will have to put time and effort into finding new representation, and then your lawyer will need time to study your case and catch up on everything. Switching legal representation will also cost more. Legal bills will add up when you have to pay your previous lawyer, and then pay a retainer and new invoices from your new one. If you are facing very serious charges, these downsides are worth it in the end. Here are 3 Common Signs That Switching Might Be Worthwhile for Your Case: Lack of Communication – When they are not communicating information about your case status or vital legal matters, this is a bad sign. You need to be informed so that you know what to do, what to expect, and when. Poor Results – When they are not producing results that meet your expectations, it may be a wise choice to drop them. Certain results should be reasonably achievable, so when they are not, it can be considered a bad sign. Unprofessional Behavior – One of the fundamental attributes of a lawyer is unwavering professionalism. If your current counselor is missing deadlines, neglecting duties, lying, losing their temper, and exhibiting other unprofessional behaviors, it is time to move on.

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