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When you’re going through a divorce, it can be difficult to pay attention to the basic details of daily life, especially when you’re caught up in an especially tough case. However, the truth is that divorcing couples need to find ways of moving on with their lives in order to focus on work, the kids, and other commitments. Part of moving forward, for many couples, is finding the space they need to start building a new life. If you’re filing for divorce through a family law chesterfield service, you might have a few questions about what to do following your decision. Who should move out, and how far should they move? Is it different for couples with children? What if both parties want to stay in the house? In order to make the situation less stressful, here are a few tips to use when considering life post-divorce. Whether you decide to stay in the family home or find a brand new apartment nearby, you’ll want to make the choice that’s the least stressful and most practical for you and your family. If you’re confused about leaving or staying, here are some options to consider.

Stay at Home

If your name is on the lease and you have small children, the most logical choice might be to stay in the family home. This is the place where your kids grew up, and you want to keep your routine as normal and chaos-free as possible for the rest of the family. However, when joint property is involved, things can get ugly and confusing in court, especially if one of the parties in question wants to sell. Staying at home is an option that feels stress-free at first. It doesn’t involve a ton of moving around and shoving everything in boxes, and it doesn’t require uprooting the kids from their school and home routine. However, as things get more complicated with the divorce proceedings, it may begin to feel stifling to stay in the old family home. Whatever you decide, take it slow, and don’t be in any rush to make a decision.


Many lawyers suggest that at least one half of a divorcing couple find a place to rent rather than trying to buy. Because of the nature of divorce, a lot of property once accepted to be shared or communal can be called into question, creating doubts about exactly what belongs to who, and what’s realistic for a newly-single person’s income. Renting is a great temporary solution for divorcees who aren’t sure about the next step, and simply need a place to start living their own lives and figuring out what life is going to look like moving forward. You can rent on a month-to-month lease to keep everything flexible, or you can find a property to rent for six months or more if you know the divorce proceedings are going to take more time. The key is to choose something that will leave you with options and won’t have you feeling trapped.

Purchase a New Home

After a divorce, many people don’t want to feel that they’re putting their life on hold. Buying a home can create the sense of a fresh start or a clean slate. However, if your finances aren’t in order or you have assets tied up in court, buying a brand new home can present a challenge. On the one hand, it’s great to have a place that’s all your own if you’re planning on taking on joint or shared custody. Setting up a house, however, can come with a lot of stress, and in general it’s never a good idea to make huge decisions or big purchases while you’re dealing with something as emotionally consuming as a divorce.

Stay with Friends or Family

For a temporary solution that allows you get a bit of time away from the situation, there’s nothing like moving in with a trusted friend or family member. You’ll be able to gain clarity, deal with some hard emotional truths, and be able to count on the support of a loving, close friend or family member. While it’s not a long-term fix by any means, moving in with a friend can be a great way for a single person or even someone with kids to start their new life without their partner without being physically alone. Having support during this time makes all the difference, and if you have a loving family or friend group that’s willing to open their home to you, it’s a great idea to take advantage of that.


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