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Immigration can be a confusing subject. There is a ton of misinformation out there. These immigration tips will help clear the way and help you plan for your new citizenship.

  1. Expect Delays
    Many people experience delays after they submit their applications because the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service is always falling behind. Some can take as long as three years! However, the green card for parents wait time is often much quicker.It’s essential that you don’t allow your immigration visa or green card to expire. If this happens, you may be deported or even arrested as this applies to those who are waiting for approval as well.
  1. Establish Your Citizenship
    File for citizenship as soon as you can. If you obtain a green card, you can apply within five years. However, circumstances like marriage can lessen your wait. Gaining citizenship can help protect you from being deported. It makes it easier for your relatives to gain citizen status as well.

Visit the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service website to learn more.

  1. Steer Clear of Summary Removal
    Did you know that border officials can turn you away? They can do this, and it is known as summary removal.To avoid this issue, you’ll need to prepare. You will have to convince officials that you need an immigration visa.They will turn you away if they think you lied, so be honest. It’s also vital that you’re not a security risk. Now, if you’re a tourist, don’t pack anything that makes it seem like you’ll stay, including items like resumes and wedding clothing.
  1. Notify Immigration of Address Changes
    If you stay longer than a month, make sure to let the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service know if you change addresses. You must tell them within ten days of your move.
    Each family member will require their change of address form, which includes kids. You can print a Form AR-11or go online to do so.
  1. File Several Visa Petitions
    If you’ve already gotten a family member to petition for your immigration visa, make sure to check if other family members can do the same. When more eligible people petition for you, you’ll have a greater chance of being accepted.
  1. Be Punctual
    If you’ve made an appointment with the United States embassy, consulate, immigration court, or citizenship service, don’t ever be late. Doing so may cause further delays in your application process.
  1. Obey Immigration Laws
    Several laws come with a visa. Make sure to obey all of them, which is the most vital tip on the list. The results of not doing so include arrest, deportation, and even a complete ban from the country.
    The tiniest violation may cancel your visa. So, be aware of the laws and follow them. You can find out more here. The USCIS website has essential information on the rules as well.
  1. Be Aware of Your Status/ Maintain Paperwork
    The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service misplaces paperwork all the time. Make sure to keep copies of everything you submit. Update yourself on your status every so often as well.
  2. Learn from Safe Resources
    The world is full of misinformation these days and is especially true when it comes to immigration.  Be wary when you ask anyone for tips. Everyone’s situation is unique, so it’s best to seek advice         from a legal professional. USCIS employees are even known to provide false information, so always do your research. Consult with an immigration lawyer to be safe.
  1. Ask for Legislative Aid
    Anyone who encounters issues is free to contact their legislators. These congressmen and women can help you put pressure on the right agencies, which may help your application process quicker.
    Do you have more questions? Talk to an attorney. Since each case is different, you’ll need to know how the law applies to you specifically. Your local immigration attorney can help you proceed in the best way possible.

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