By | 2018-01-11

Believe it or not, there are still many millions of people around the world who dream about making the move across the oceans and over lands to have a go at ‘living the dream’ in the ‘land of hope & glory’ or ‘land of opportunity’ that is otherwise known as the United States of America. With all of the unrest and arguing between different political parties and major differences of opinion between neighbours and co-workers and so on and so forth, I for one, cannot see what the attraction is with moving to and living in the USA anymore? A few years back, (or maybe a few more than a few) I got the impression that America was, as many people will or would have told you, ‘the land of the Free’ and freedom of speech and freedom for the public to do all sorts of things on a whole was a given right, also for the most part I saw America as a fairly safe place to live a long, healthy and happy lifestyle with an abundance of opportunity. Now on the other hand, at this point in time all that is being reported on the news that I am seeing is a lot of political unrest, civil unrest, many ‘natural disasters’ and frequent mass shootings. This is not even mentioning the constant threat or warning of threats coming from so called terrorists/terrorism. So why is it that there are still so many men and woman and children that are so desperate to migrate to and set up new lives in the U S of A? To be fair, there are actually still many locations within America that remain relatively safe and with a lot of opportunity, especially when compared to the war torn, or famine stricken countries that are becoming more and more wide spread across the globe. So actually for a huge volume of people from numerous countries, America still remains as being a place where they dream of one day being able to migrate to and begin a new, better life for them and their loved ones. So how can this dream become a reality for all the many migrants putting all their eggs into the American basket? Well it is not an easy ride, but it certainly is possible. The rules and laws for immigrants wishing to migrate to and start a life in the USA can be quite confusing and hard to tackle, especially for those who speak English as a second language, even for American nationals, the American legalities can be a very tricky subject – not only because they are fairly comprehensive, but also because they tend to differ slightly depending on what State you find yourself residing in! So to ensure you tick all the boxes and will be successful with your request for a visa to enter the United States of America, or with your attempt to gain access to the State of your preference, it is strongly advised that you seek the services of a qualified immigration lawyer. Do some of your own research and find a reputable legal company that specialises in US law, ideally with a focus on the side of the Law that covers immigration into America. After you have carried out your due diligence and settled on the company who you are confident have the knowledge, experience and helpful, trustworthy staff to assist you (and perhaps your family) with making the move to the US, you then need to decide on the type of Visa that you are going to apply for. In the case of immigrants who are coming from a country suffering from widespread famine or one of constant war and danger the two common visa applications are for either an EB-5 Investor Visa (for the immigrants that have enough finances) or an Asylum & Refugees Visa. If the company you have selected are experienced (as they should be after your research), then they will be able to guide you down the correct path, help to ensure you cover all the requirements of the chosen visa type and you will, in time become successful with your application. So, for those of you that are planning to, or needing to move over and into the US, and set up a new life – perhaps even live the American dream, you will find that it is very possible and what you might think is a distant dream, can very quickly turn into your reality. Hopefully the information I have presented within this article will go some way towards helping you find and enjoy a happier and more fulfilled life for you and your family.

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