By | 2023-08-07

“Dilli wale, Dil wale”. That statement is one of the truest statements I have heard in my life.

I love Delhi.

However, no matter how big a heart you have, a time comes when you have to think about your family and do what’s right to provide the best of amenities to your children and the generations to come.

Let’s face it. India has a population crisis. Talented Indians without the right resources to make it big in life have to start expanding their horizons and look into foreign lands. So why not now? And why not the UK?

The UK Tier 2 Visa is one of the most effective routes that an Indian can use to live and work in the UK and start a journey towards a better life. There are several aspects to the UK Tier 2 Visa.Today, we bring you 2 of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS), which is arguably the most important aspect of getting yourself a Tier 2 Visa UK.

What if you have a Certificate of Sponsorship but decide to not go ahead with your application plan?

If this is the scenario, then you should contact your sponsor, who will then have to nullify the Certificate of Sponsorship. However, the matter shouldn’t be of any urgent concern as even if you fail to do anything, the certificate will expire after three months anyway.

What if you have a Certificate of Sponsorship but decide to work in a different position in the UK than the one you have the CoS for?

If you wish to take up a different job in the UK (rather than the employment that you got the CoS for), then the plan of action should be as follows

Ensure that the new employer is in a financial position to immediately, hence giving you the chance to apply for a Tier 2 Visa UK.

You must ask your current sponsor to nullify your current Certificate of Sponsorship, either in writing or by email. It is not permissible to apply for a new Certificate of Sponsorship while the original one still remains valid.

Your current sponsor must then cancel your existing Certificate within 5 days of receiving your request for cancellation. If the sponsor does not do this within 5 days, then you must send a reminder, after which they will have another 5 days to cancel.

If your sponsor does not cancel your Certificate despite the reminders, you can ask the Sponsor Licensing Unit (SLU) of the UK Visas and Immigration to cancel the CoS it instead.

Once the original Certificate is no longer valid, you are free to apply for a new CoS from your preferred employer/sponsor.

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