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Going through divorce procedures is already bad enough, and the last thing you need is someone who’s not competent sitting in your corner. Disputes are often harsh, but a bad attorney could actually end up adding fuel to the fire.

Not only that, but their decisions could have a significant difference in how much both parties will end up with, your new family arrangements, and the wellbeing of you and your family members in the future. This is why it is important to choose wisely and be ready to make the move if you feel like an attorney might not be for you. Here are some clear signs that your divorce attorney is doing a bad job.

They’re Constantly Late

If your attorney is not able to keep deadlines or come on time for important meetings, this is a clear red flag right there. You can’t deal with someone who might not send important documents in time or come in late for important hearings. Not only could this have a serious consequence on the outcome of your divorce, but it could even amount to malpractice, so make sure that you don’t take this lightly.

They Can’t Remember the Details of Your Case

While it’s totally fine if your lawyer doesn’t know every single detail about your family, they should be able to remember important details about your case. If they don’t, this could either mean that they’re overworked, disorganized, or simply don’t care. Others just might have a very bad memory. In all cases, they are clearly not fit to represent you.

A good lawyer will be able to keep you updated at every stage. They might need to double-check case notes from time to time, but they should be able to give you information about the current state of your case at all times.

They Seem Lost About the Process

Too many lawyers portray themselves as family lawyers when it’s not even their specialty. That’s why you want to work with someone with actual expertise and a track record for getting results. Firms like M. Sue Wilson law offices, for instance, have been in family law for over 40 years, and you can easily check their record. If the lawyer looks unfamiliar in any way with any part of the process, we suggest you have their work double-checked by a lawyer who actually knows what they’re doing.

They Just Plain Ignore You

Some lawyers will sometimes outright ignore a client. Maybe they feel like your case is not very important. Or they have a personal issue with you but won’t tell you. Others are just negligent. You want a lawyer that will be there for you when you need them and sets clear boundaries for contact and multiple ways to contact them. And if you can’t reach them, you should always be able to talk to someone who’s familiar with your case.


Choosing the right family law attorney is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Make sure that you work with someone who has your best interest in mind, and actually cares for you and the future of your family.

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