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While dogs are humankind’s leading companion, in some cases, they can turn dangerous when they attack. The dog bite can be infectious, leading to medical expenses and loss of income. To help you through the injury, you need a dog bite lawyer.

Here is the necessary information about hiring a dog bite lawyer:

The Need for a Dog Bite Attorney

Most people are not privy to the laws regarding dog bites. They tend to let dog bites slip and shoulder the financial and medical responsibilities that come with the dog bite. Which should not be the case. You may need a Richmond dog bite lawyer to help you build a legal claim and to outline the extent of your liability.

Virginia state allows you to sue a dog owner for damages that come with the dog attack. The first course of action to consider after the dog bite is to contact the dog owner’s insurance company. Most homeowners’ insurance cover provides for dog bites risks within the premises. The next viable option is to file a lawsuit against the dog owner.

The lawyer plays a significant role in both insurance claims and lawsuit filing. The lawyer has the experience to negotiate for favorable settlement from an insurance company. For the lawsuits, they understand all the legal provisions in case of a dog bite hence higher agreement or winning chances. Importantly, the lawyer helps with evidence collection and presentation.

Potential Defenses to a Dog Bite Lawsuit

Proving liability is one of the hardest tasks in a dog bite lawsuit. The dog owner, in most cases, will fault you for avoiding the payments. The most common defense is on trespass.  You must provide that the dog bit you in a place where you are authorized to be.

Provocation is another defense where the dog owner claims you prompted the dog into harming you. In most cases, they will insist you threatened the dog. Again, the dog owner can lay the blame on you. They might claim the provided all the necessary warnings and precautions to ensure you are safe from the dog.

You don’t have to worry about these potential defenses when you are working with an experienced dog bite lawyer. The lawyer already knows what to expect and will refute the claims using sufficient evidence and arguments for your case.

How to Choose a Dog Bite Lawyer

Now that you understand why it is essential to have a dog bite lawyer, you have to understand the factors to look for when choosing one.

The main factor to consider is experience. You need a lawyer who understands all the legal provisions for dog bite lawsuits. They must know how to collect and present evidence. The experience also allows them to handle any defense.

The other factor to consider is the cost as you need a lawyer you can afford even if you lose your case. Also, view recommendations and reviews.

Bottom Line

Dog Bite injuries are harmful. They come with pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost income. The best to ensure compensation is by hiring an experienced dog bite lawyer to help you launch a successful claim.


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