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The Black Law Company frequently speaks with car accident victims. Many times, survivors are shocked and even surprised at how much their injuries will cost them.

Consider the Following

  • The future will bring with it medical costs including ongoing care and emergency services.
  • Visits with specialists.
  • Any personal property that was damaged by the accident, such as phones and glasses, will need to be replaced.
  • Loss of income, which includes the wages that you may lose in the future if you are unable to return to work as soon as you had hoped.
  • Car repairs or a new car.
  • If your injury makes it impossible to care for yourself, you can get help at home, such as cleaning services.
  • If you are unable to drive due to your accident, rent a car or take a taxi.
  • Unexpected complications can delay your care and prevent you from returning to work.
  • Grab bars, crutches, and ramps are just a few of the many home modifications or medical devices that you may need.
  • Other incidental expenses may arise.

Even Minor Details Count

It’s common to keep your eyes on the big picture after a traffic accident. But even small details can make all the difference. Investigators may be able to use this information to help them identify the driver who swerved just before the accident. It is important to note if you have taken a few taxi rides while your car was being repaired.

It’s Worth it to Consult With an Attorney

An attorney can keep track of all details and work with experts to locate liable parties. They can also help you to determine the cost of your injuries to get fair compensation. An attorney can help you ask the right questions and get answers.

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