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Florida is known for its beautiful weather year-round. There are many outdoor activities that you can do, from walking along the beach to taking a dip in the ocean. Bicycling has been an integral part of American life since its inception in 1817. Because of the adventurists and races, it has become more competitive. Millions of people still take the time to ride their bikes. This is especially true in Florida. The C2C (Coast to Coast) trail in Florida is a cycling dream. It is a wide trail that runs from the east coast to the west coast. It covers nearly 220 miles, and it is always open. The trail is open all year. Biker enthusiasts are drawn out by the cool morning air. As you walk through the shade of palm trees, the gradual sun warms your skin. While there are many things to love about riding bicycles here in the Sunshine State of Florida, there is also a lot to be afraid of.

Florida has more bikers than any other State due to its beauty, weather, tranquility, and beautiful scenery. Florida’s population is large, adding to the problem of bike accidents. However, cycling is something that millions of people enjoy. Crash involving pedestrians is common. Bicycle crashes are even more common. There are more cyclists and drivers in this state than any other. Negligent drivers will often disregard cyclists, regardless of what laws may require. Florida statutes state that bikes are legal and may be used on the street. It is your responsibility as a passenger vehicle driver to be aware of cyclists. Florida laws are part of Florida life. There is no excuse for not following them.

Florida is commonplace for bicycling accidents. You could be eligible for damages if you were involved in a collision. Injuries are common when a motorist runs into you. Hire experienced Tampa bicycle accident lawyers.


Bicycle accidents that involve vehicles and falls are the most common. It is easy to see which of these was the most fatal. In 2018, there were 857 bicycle riders killed in traffic accidents. Florida was the site of 125 of these fatal crashes. This is the highest number of fatal crashes in any state in the country. The NHTSA has more statistics:

  • The average age of cyclists who died was 47
  • Most bicycle deaths take place between 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
  • Urban areas account for 75% of all cyclist deaths
  • Alcohol was a factor in 37% of all fatalities (reported).

These statistics and concerns show that Florida is not safe enough. Bicyclists are responsible for over 2% of all deaths in the United States. Bicyclists are dangerous to be around, so make sure you watch out when you go out in sunny Florida.


Bicycle accidents are more often caused by the inattention of motor vehicle drivers. Drivers may deliberately ignore laws in some cases. There are many causes of bicycle accidents. Some of these do not involve passengers’ vehicles at all. Most accidents occur due to negligence or carelessness by drivers. Florida is a great place to bike. Children and seniors can ride on the same roads as adults, and there are long trails and flat roads. Be aware of your surroundings when you are on the road. These are the top three causes of bicycle accidents in Florida.

– Doors

The easiest way to avoid car accidents is by avoiding dooring. Parallel parking is available on both sides of thousands upon thousands of roads in the state. These spots can be found in small streets or downtown areas where festivals take place. They are usually not a problem unless there are other bicyclists on the road. Bicyclists can use the roads just like cars. Drivers often forget to check for cyclists when they open their doors in order to avoid these parallel spots. Bicyclists can cause serious injuries by hitting cars with their bikes.

Although cyclists are slower than most, their reaction time is usually excellent. However, they can run into doors at speeds of up to 20 mph without warning.

– Buzzing

It is easy to drive around cyclists, but it can be dangerous for vehicles to get too close. Buzzing is what you call it. Buzzing can be difficult to avoid on small roads with only one lane. Bicyclists are often pushed to the side by drivers who feel they don’t belong on the road. One of two situations can occur when you get too close to a bike. You can either get too close to a bicycle and cause it to veer off the road or contact another cyclist. This could result in serious injury. You can also get too close to a cyclist and rub him. This can cause injuries that are worse than any other kind of accident. Bikers are not protected and will be harmed by a 2-ton truck.

– The Right Hook

Bicycle fatalities are far too frequently because of the “right hook”. These situations can cause serious injuries to cyclists. When a biker is directly in front of a driver and does not see it, a right hook can occur. Because they weren’t paying attention, they make a right turn and clip the bike. This can also happen if a cyclist is riding alongside a car traveling in the same direction. The biker wants the biker to go straight through an intersection but the car is heading right. The vehicle turns right and hits the biker without looking for pedestrians. These are both familiar scenes to bikers.


Florida is the ideal place to go for outdoor activities. Despite the rainy season, Florida’s constant temperatures allow for outdoor activities all year. Bicyclists are the most common pedestrians to be killed. Bicyclists are as vulnerable as walkers but travel at a higher speed. This is a dangerous combination, especially in Florida.

You must remember to share the road with cyclists as a driver. It is safer for all, even though they may slow you down occasionally. Be safe and keep bikers in your sights. You can help reduce the number of bicyclist deaths by being able to spot potential dangers before they happen.

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