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If you have a complicated problem that requires a right decision with the help of a good lawyer or lawyer.  If you or your friends (relatives) have already “burned”, having found a “specialist” who did not solve the problem or made it even worse, moreover, as often happens, took money for such a “service”.

If you still do not want to entrust the management of your important and complex business to anyone, but you want to enlist the support of a good and experienced specialist who will not let you down and, moreover, will not deceive.

Then this article is for you!

In it we will try to tell you how to properly find and find the right qualified, diligent and experienced legal expert.

Also briefly in this article and in more detail in the next article, which will be called “How to properly cooperate with an experienced Felony Defense Lawyer“, we will talk about how to find a common language and mutual understanding important for a positive with an experienced lawyer (lawyer) solving your complex cases and problems.

Currently, procedural legislation allows you to participate in court as a representative of the party to the process, both to lawyers and other private-practicing lawyers, and also to disclose for someone a secret to any person who may not even be a lawyerand even Do not have any legal or any other special education. In this regard, when looking for a good, experienced lawyer, a lawyer, there is always a risk of running into a charlatan or a fool, and even having an attorney certificate is not at all an indicator of supercompetence and experience (although attorneys pass a qualification exam and are periodically trained, they must abide by the Code professional ethics and a bunch of other rules).

It is possible to search in any way

The most primitive and unreliable way is the first phone or address found in the first “convincing” announcement about the provision of legal services. Finger in the sky, although it may be lucky. However, most often good lawyers and lawyers come out on the recommendation of those who have already applied to them.

But here everything is not so simple. If the lawyer “won” even a very complicated matter to your friend or relative, this is not an indicator at all, that he will “win” your case. It may be incompetent specifically in your problem, in spite of the fact that your problem, your case will prove to be less complicated than that of a friend. In the end, the recommended lawyer (lawyer) may simply personally not like you, because the laws of human-human interaction have not been canceled.


So, look for a lawyer, who, above all, is competent and experienced in resolving your problem. That is, a good lawyer for you should have work experience in cases similar to yours. This can and should be asked right during the meeting, when you both decide whether to cooperate or not.


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