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Great Britain attracts man people from different parts of the world. A constantly evolving economy, a variety of jobs with decent wages and good working conditions, and a multi-faceted culture with a thousand-yearhistory extol the United Kingdom as a world leader setting new standards in all areas of life.

Thousands of people each yeartry their luck, wanting to take a place in the sun of Britain. Unfortunately, with each passing year the conditions of immigration and the possibility of obtaining British citizenship are becoming tougher.

This is due to the fact that in the UK there are a huge number of immigrants; therefore, the state cannot and does not want to take everyone into it. Nevertheless, there is always a green light for skilled workers, investors and businessmen in the UK. We propose to discuss possible was of immigration to the UK, as well as the procedure for obtaining British citizenship.

How to immigrate to the UK? There are several was to immigrate to the UK: marry a citizen of the United Kingdom; receiving education in a British university; Job; family reunification; investment; Doing Business; immigration as a refugee. Consider some of them in more detail.

Marriage with a UK citizen

The easiest way to immigrate to the UK is to marry its citizen. To enter the country after marriage registration, it is necessary to collect documents for processing the appropriate visa: Family of a settled person – if the marriage is registered in the UK and the couple will live in this country.

EEA family Permit – if one of the spouses is a citizen of the European Economic Zone (EU countries, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland), living in Europe, and his partner is not. After receiving a visa, the spouse has the right to get a job, organize his business or manage the company. For more on this visit to now.

After З years of residence in the country there is the possibility of obtaining British citizenship. Work in the UK British employers show great interest in attracting qualified, enterprising professionals in almost all areas. A work permit in the UK is granted for a certain period, as a rule, not more than 4 ears. Working stay in the country will be counted in the experience required for permanent residence permit.

Types of work visas: Tier 2 (General) or General Work Visa – designed for those who received a job offer from a British employer. Tier 2 (Intra-company Transfer) – issued in the event that an international company has decided to transfer its employee to a branch located in the UK. Tier 2 (Minister of Religion) – is made for ministers of religious organizations who have been invited to work in the British religious community.

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