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Divorce is almost same in all parts of the word by definition as it has two major steps that the couple accomplishes, no matter they live in Oklahoma or somewhere else.

  1. The ending of the marital relationship
  2. The distortion of assets and debts between the two

If you are living in Oklahoma, you have to take care of the following few things as well to end the legal procedure peacefully. Here we are going to state all the points shortly for you, to understand them before you successfully file for the divorce.

  • For applying for a divorce in Oklahoma, you have to be a resident of the state for at least 6 months. And for applying in the county, either of you have to be a resident for at least 30 days.
  • The simplest form of a divorce application, here in Oklahoma is the uncontested divorce. This is a type of divorce in which, you and your spouse agree on a number of terms peacefully, distribute their assets and debts, and decide for the custody of the children in peace. You complete the paper work and you attend a hearing at court and them peacefully separated after the hearing.
  • Next thing to consider is the grounds of divorce when you are filing for it. The grounds of divorce are the reasons for which you have filed the divorce and there are only three legal grounds for the divorce in Oklahoma. They include
    • If you and your spouse are not living together for more than a year
    • If your spouse has committed adultery, that is he has cheated on you
    • If your spouse has mentally or physically abused, you to a point that you can no longer live under the same roof
  • The distribution of the assets is another matter to be covered by the parties with negotiation. The rule is simple, each of the person in the couple will have his or her that share of the property that he owns and has made solely on his own before or after the marriage. Rest of all the property or the assets will be shared between the two by the judge at that time in the court and they both are bound to follow it.
  • Next is the matter of child custody. If you two have some children of your own and even those before the marriage from some other spouses as well, you will have to divide the responsibilities and the custody of the children reasonably. The custody of the child is given to the parent who keeps the kids in best mental, physical and moral condition.
  • All the other matters in the divorce are addressed at the time of the hearing or negotiation between the partners. The more you will peacefully talk and decide with each other, the better it would be for the two of you to get separated without much interrogation from the court. You can Learn More at Express Documents about it.

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