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In almost every social event, alcoholic beverages are always served. Often people think there is no harm in sipping cold beer or champagne. Consuming such beverages is innocent and every person enjoys the freedom of doing it. But if an individual plan to drive a car after drinking then it will be another story.

The truth is, every teen driver and adult and some perspective children as well are aware that driving and drinking do not mix. Along with going against law alcohol will also make the driver unsafe while on public roads. In fact, taking a small amount of alcohol too can affect the body. The alcohol which is already present in the body can affect the body in different ways including compromised judgement, control, increased self-confidence and euphoria. Coma, death, confusion, excitement and mild euphoria are alarming conditions that results from alcohol intoxication and all from teen drivers to drivers should be much aware of this.

Learn more about the ways of preventing drunk driving,

·       Be a responsive drinker- You must have come across alcoholic commercials that gives a reminder at the end “Drink Moderately” or “Drink Responsibly”. Their aim is to pass you a message to follow it carefully. When you are aware of the fact that the social function or party which you will attend will serve you alcoholic drinks then make it a point in arranging the transportation plans beforehand. Here self-discipline will play a crucial part to avoid drinking in a get together or party. At times your office mates or friends are too convincing and may persuade you into drinking. A sip results to a glass and this will result in more. Prior to knowing it you will be drunk. In fact, there are many ways of planning ahead. You can contact a trusted person or a taxi that can drop you home. In case your home is far try in making arrangements for staying with a friend or a relative who lives nearby. If you go out with friends plan amongst yourself regarding who will be the DD or the designated driver.

·       If you find yourself in a party, ask a responsible person for hiding your keys should they see you drinking. That person will be of help to you in myriads of ways. He will not only help in preventing you against getting arrested but will also stop you from getting involved in car accidents which may kill or harm you or others. Had the roles been reversed and your friend gets drunk ensure to hide his keys. A person sipping a couple of drinks is likely to be aggressive, it is crucial in taking an approach that is cool and patient. Try in giving him other alternatives for transportation or offer in driving him home or calling him a cab.

·       A simple way to prevent drunk driving accidents will be by staying away from alcoholic beverages. When you attend a party choose non-alcoholic beverages such as coffee, soda or seltzer. Even if someone gives you a glass of alcohol decline it gracefully and come up with a good excuse. Just smile and say, “I’m the DD this evening”, thank you.

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