By | 2023-08-09

What is TPD?

Every individual has a superannuation fund which requires members to be provided with life insurance, a part of which is total and TPD (permanent disability insurance). This insurance gives coverage to members when they can’t work in their education experience or training. In other words, when you can’t afford your living due to a lack of income opportunities, this insurance will give coverage to medical costs and living expenses.

TPD claims

TPD claims can be tough and complex, especially when you are suffering from any illness or injuries. It becomes quite overwhelming and confusing for claimants while negotiating TPD claims on their own as it requires lots of paperwork and legal jargon. Thus they ultimately give up on their entitlement to the life-saving TPD pay-out, which they should receive. This invariably results in booking consultation from industry-leading lawyers. The lawyers help to navigate and fight a TPD claim on behalf of these claimants.

One prime reason for seeking help from a lawyer for fighting a TPD claim is negotiating the claim with the insurer so that they don’t find any excuse or reason to dishonor the TPD claim. Without a TPD lawyer, the claim process becomes quite confusing and tough. Lawyers know your rights well and fight to protect them. They are aware of your entitlement and make you understand your rights about making a claim. As you are not aware of your rights, you can’t even challenge why your TPD claims are denied by the insurer nor know the grounds for its rejection. When you have a lawyer by your side, your claim will be settled in the first place itself.

Advantages of hiring lawyers for filing a TPD claim

There are numerous benefits derived when a lawyer helps settle a TPD claim on your behalf, which is outlined in the below points.

  • Lawyers are aware of all evidence required to support your claim. When your claim is supported by sufficient evidence, then your settlement will be processed in a short period.
  • Lawyers help explain the insurance policy’s language so that you can be sure about your stand and know exactly whether your claim will be supported or denied.
  • There are low chances of your TPD claim getting canceled or denied if a TPD lawyer works on your behalf.
  • TPD claimants can ensure that their claim can be submitted within the schedule.
  • There are fewer chances of visiting a court to settle a TPD claim since your claim is in the hands of an experienced lawyer, which seems less daunting. Going to court is time-consuming and problematic when you are suffering from sickness or a chronic disease.
  • Many experienced lawyers work with the policy of a no win no fee basis, which doesn’t require paying the legal fees if the claim is not negotiated successfully on the claimant’s behalf. You can be sure of paying legal fees only when the settlement is negotiated.

Managing the paperwork

The expert lawyers know what documentation and evidence need to be gathered since they have dealt with many cases. The claim will be accepted quickly and paid out without delay since lawyers know what to include and exclude. While claiming due to illness or injury, the main focus should be your recovery and getting back to your normal life. This requires lots of energy and time, which becomes burdensome when gathering all evidence and paperwork. So let your legal team handle the numerous paperwork and forms as they meet all the time limitations of your claim.