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Personal injury cases are very serious and can have life-altering consequences. Your choice of lawyer could completely change what your life will be like from now and this is not something that you can rush. Interviewing a lawyer remains one of the best ways to gauge their expertise and trustworthiness, but you have to know which questions to ask in the first place. Here are some of the most important questions anybody should ask when looking for a personal lawyer.

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How Familiar Are You with My Type of Case?

Personal injury attorneys can handle everything from product defects to slip and fall claims. You don’t necessarily have to go with someone who’s specialized in the precise type of accident you have suffered, but they should have dealt with somewhat similar cases. Ask them for examples and the outcome as well.

It’s also better to work with someone who understands the laws in the jurisdiction where the accident happened. If you were involved in an incident in a place like Allentown, for instance, then it makes sense to hire someone from Allentown. There might be state, federal, and municipal laws at play here, and working with someone who knows them inside and out will help you maximize your claim.

Are You the Lawyer Who’s Going to Represent Me?

You should know that the person you’re going to be speaking with isn’t necessarily the person who’s going to represent you. Law firms often use frontpeople to interview clients, make them feel at ease, and ultimately sell them on their services. However, they might not be the ones handling your case. As a matter of fact, you may not ever see them again. So, be careful and clarify this from the beginning.

How Many Cases Do You Take to Trial vs Settling?

This is one of the questions that will tell you the most about how dedicated and competent a lawyer is. If a lawyer suspiciously seems to rarely go to court and always pushes to settle, then it should be a red flag. Someone who only has big court cases is another red flag people often don’t recognize. They might be impressed by a lawyer’s big judgments but, if they can’t show you modest ones, it could mean that they only take those with a big payout potential. This could also mean that they don’t care very much about small clients, so you shouldn’t expect them to work very hard on your settlement negotiations either.

How Long Do You Expect This Case to Take?

There is no way of telling exactly how long it will take for the case to be resolved, but a good lawyer should be able to give you a ballpark idea. On the other hand, you should be wary of anyone who makes it seem like it will be too easy. Some personal injury cases can take months, if not years, so you should think twice if what they tell you sounds unrealistic.

These are all crucial questions that will help you tell if a personal injury lawyer is a right choice for you. Go for the one who doesn’t only have the expertise or track record, but with whom you feel comfortable as well.

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