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Boundary disputes are common in residential and business properties. The laws surrounding property boundaries are complex and involve other specifics. Neighbors may have different interpretations about how the law applies to their property, causing disputes. Some people have had boundary disputes for years, making it essential to know what causes property line disputes and avoid them in the first place.

A boundary dispute can be due to inaccurate measurements or verbal disagreements. These problems ball up over time, resulting in significant conflicts later on. In such a scenario, it is advisable to hire a Spokane real estate attorney to help apply property line laws to back up your claims. Without being represented by a lawyer, you may lose much money or property value if the court’s final verdict is to move the property line. The following are the causes of property line disputes and how to resolve them.

Common Causes of Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes can arise due to various issues. The common ones include:

  • Defective Title Deeds

Some title deeds, especially the old ones, may partially describe boundaries. This creates a discrepancy when property owners want to know the lines. In most cases, deed disputes arise when property ownership changes through inheritance or sale.

  • Inaccurate Surveys

Surveyors can sometimes make mistakes that result in inaccurate measurements. These inaccuracies often lead to boundary disputes. The errors can happen during landscaping or a construction project that requires surveyors.

  • Boundary Changes

Boundaries can change with time. For instance, surveyors and city officials can describe a part of a property as a geographical feature or a landmark. Geographical features and landmarks don’t remain the same over the years. So, such changes can cause boundary disputes.

  • Communication Issues

Sometimes, neighbors have verbal agreements. The agreements between the parties result in miscommunication because, over time, it is possible to forget the terms of the contract. Such a situation can cause a boundary dispute, especially if one dies.

The Remedies for Boundary Disputes

Neighbors with property line conflicts need to agree. If impossible, they can take legal action to resolve the issue. Here are effective remedies for resolving boundary disputes.

  • Negotiation

The parties having a boundary dispute can sit together and agree on resolving the issue. They need to find an official way of drawing the property lines. Such can include compensating with cash.

  • Mediation

If negotiation fails, the following way to resolve the dispute is through mediation. This approach involves a third party that is neutral in the situation. Mediation often consists of a lawyer or even the court.

  • Litigation

The most expensive solution to boundary disputes is going to court. However, litigation is only advisable if negotiation and mediation approaches to dispute resolution have failed. Litigation may even end up in a trial in some complex cases. In this case, it is the court that will determine the property lines.

Contact Your Real Estate Lawyer

Boundary disputes are ordinary, but when one arises, you risk losing part of your property for hundreds of dollars. Therefore, it is wise to contact a real estate attorney to help build a case and back up your claim. A lawyer will present the best chance to reach a favorable outcome.

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